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PROGRAM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
install/uninstall a program When I try to install a program, I get an error message. design/develop/write a program The company is trying to develop a program that will predict terrorist acts. run/execute/use a program The command allows computer users to run a program with administrator rights.
Program Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
b: to enter in a program. 2: to work out a sequence of operations to be performed by a mechanism, such as a computer: to provide with a program. 3 a: to insert a program for a particular action into or as if into a mechanism such as a computer.
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Program - Wikipedia.
Broadcast programming, scheduling content for television. Program music, a type of art music that attempts to render musically an extra-musical narrative. Synthesizer patch or program, a synthesizer setting stored in memory. Program, an instrumental song by Linkin Park from LP Underground Eleven.
Computer program - Wikipedia.
Comments allow the programmer to articulate a narrative because the instructions alone are vague. The key characteristic of an assembly language program is it forms a one-to-one mapping to its corresponding machine language target. The third generation of programming language uses compilers and interpreters to execute computer programs.
Program - definition of program by The Free Dictionary.
program برنامج прогрaмa programa program das Programm program πρόγραμμα programa ees kava فهرست ohjelma programme תוכנייה यजन műsor, program program efnisskrá programma プログラム 프로그램 programa programma buku atur cara programma program program پروګرام كړنلار programa program программа program spored program program กำหนดการ program 節目單 програма جلسے کا تفصيلي پيش نامہ chương trình 节目单.

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